Postdoctoral Program

The postdoctoral program at Nordita is an important recruitment tool for theoretical physics in the Nordic region.

At any given time we have 15-20 postdocs at Nordita, recruited from all over the world and working in a wide range of topics in theoretical physics.

Postdoc Positions

We have two types of postdoc positions at Nordita.

The first kind, Nordita fellow positions, are announced once a year with a deadline in November-December and start date the following autumn. Nordita fellows can pursue their research quite independently of our existing research groups, even though of course there is a lot of collaboration. There are typically 5-6 positions per year, all for two years.

Then we have Nordita postdoc positions announced within a particular project, typically connected with a grant. These postdocs are hired to work on that particular subject together with the other researchers in the corresponding group. The number of announced positions of this type is irregular, and depends on the ability of our senior staff to secure grants. The duration is typically two years but can vary, and start dates may also vary.