In-house Research is the Backbone of Nordita Activities

Research carried out by Nordita academic staff, who are engaged in theoretical and numerical work on many fronts including astrophysics, biological physics, condensed matter and materials physics, cosmology and gravitational theory, high-energy physics, quantum information, soft condensed matter physics, and statistical physics and complex systems.

Research at Nordita is loosely organized into the following research fields:


High-Energy Physics and Cosmology

Conducts research in Quantum Field Theory, Classical and Quantum Gravity, Cosmology, and Mathematical Physics, with focus on Holographic Duality, Gravitational Waves, String Theory, non-relativistic symmetries and Integrable Models.


Condensed Matter, Statistical and Biological Physics

Conducts research in Dirac Materials, Dynamic Order and Superconductivity, Dark Matter, Material Informatics, and Disorder and ergodicy-breaking phenomena.


Astrophysics and Astroparticle Physics

Conducts research in MHD Turbulence, Particles in Flows, Compact Objects, Accretion Disks, Interstellar Medium in High-Redshift Galaxies, Early Universe Cosmology and Astrobiology.



Conducts research in Quantum Information and Complex Dynamical Networks.

Visiting Scientist Programs #

At Nordita, visitors are an integral part of our daily operations. Both senior and younger researchers love to visit Nordita, and Nordita puts a big emphasis on offering different types of visits based on where you are in your scientific career. Down below you are able to read the different types of programs and visitors Nordita is offering, and we welcome applications from scientists at various career levels in every physics research field from every corner of the world.

Research Training for Young Scientists #

Nordita has traditionally provided extensive training at the post-doctoral level and has contributed to the career development of numerous senior scientists, who are active in the Nordic countries today.

The Postdoctoral program at Nordita remains an important recruitment tool for theoretical physics in the Nordic region.

Nordita in Stockholm has also introduced a Visiting PhD Student program, where advanced PhD students can apply for support to spend one to three months at Nordita to work with staff members and benefit from the active scientific environment at the AlbaNova centre.


All papers published by researchers at Nordita can be reached from our prerpint archive. Long-term visitors and participants in Nordita Scientific Programs are also encouraged to register papers connected with their stay as Nordita preprints.

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